Make up tips

Make up is an art. We gotta do it right or we look worse.

Here are some simple tips.

Must wash your face first as it makes you look fresh naturally.images (23)

Then, make a base. It gives your face a proper shape and transform you amazingly. Here are some tutorials to guide you.images (29)images (30)images (26)images (24)download (2)images (25)

Then eye brows, you gotta be much careful or you will look like a jinn lol.

images (28)

Choose one eyeliner style and apply it.13450949_552690644910301_4269635961438636615_n

You may use white pencil on eyelid to make your eyes look bigger.

images (27)

Lipstick, firts shape your lips then apply lips stick.

download (1)images (15)images (22)images (21)images (20)

Now you are ready , love yourself  !


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