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Indians and pakistanies are considered each others enemy, but here you can see face painting of both contries’ flags on each girl’s cheeks. Because, though in a cricket match , ind vs pak match gets the highest rating and each nation wants to beat other in cricket match, they  both keep trying to prove that  we are better than you , still, public of both country feels an atraction bond for each other. No matter they fight or friend , they keep trying to interact with each other. Its the story of having totally two opposite feelings for each other at the same time. Its amazing.



13 thoughts on “IndoPak

  1. Apologies I typed that too fast but your deduction was correct.
    Take two.
    This is inspiring. In South Africa we hear about the opposites regarding India and Pakistan – the ugly opposites. These opposites merges into co-operation and something beautiful.

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  2. Hi myfavouriite. People are the same no matter from what nation it is the leaders that are often hated! Thank you so much for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Very interested in all things paranormal conspracy theories and observing life! Writing is a passion that keeps me alive and sane. Great to meet you The Foureyed Poet.

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