“Autonomy” finally i know its meaning

I had been cofused for some days how to make link in my post of

“daily word prompt”.

Today again i kept trying to figure out, topic was


i didn’t know the meaning. I lost interest.

I checked my notification ,

”  Ron and 4 others liked your post IndoPak   “

whoever  like or follow , i follow back. I went to follow him , saw his post about


with the link of “autonomy ” in the end

That motivated me.I clicked on that link then on that page i found the link, i copied the link and decided to write about it. As my experience might guide a bigginner.  I googled its meaning.

Definition & Synonyms

• Autonomy

  1. (n.) The sovereignty of reason in the sphere of morals; or mans power, as possessed of reason, to give law to himself. In this, according to Kant, consist the true nature and only possible proof of liberty.
  2. (n.) The power or right of self-government; self-government, or political independence, of a city or a state.



3 thoughts on ““Autonomy” finally i know its meaning

  1. I really enjoyed your post. I can’t be sure if you’re actually a new blogger or if you just did a post from the perspective of a new blogger, but just in case! If you click ‘show instructions’ on the daily prompts page (It’s between the likes and the first posts) it’ll give you the ping to like your page to theirs. It took me forever to figure it out myself 😛 Best of luck and good job!

    Liked by 1 person

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