Ghost left her

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Someone was yelling her name from far away , she could hear it and feel the pain in that voice , like someone wants her for a long time .

She used to feel the speaker is in her bedroom. She couldn’t resist going back to her bedroom and sleep back while sleeping she used to feel someone is touching her .

Who were those invisible people?

What was happening to her.?

She was so confused and disturb about it.

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She was living in a ghost town. It was not so well developed. She used to spend whole day alone in her bedroom, not much understanding and interaction with family. Maybe she was getting psycho.

She used to feel someone is continuesly watching her .

horrible !! .

She used to cry on bed after having sleep paralyses and nightmares.

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She had been having an unknown lady in her dream with a mysterious and cunning smile.


But that lady always acted like she is her well wisher and saving her from evil ghosts living in the same house.

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And the strange thing was that ,after her engagment, the  last time she had that lady in her dream, the lady was leaving her forever.

The lady was upset , as the lady could not stay with her anymore because the girl was going to marry.


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After marriage, she never had that lady again ever in her dream .

she is still confused if she was just having psychological problems or the lady was the real ghost.

Whats your opinion??


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