A piece of advice

If you want something. First you give it to others.

Because what goes , comes around.

I am basically talking about immaterial thing.

If you want people to give you love , help, care , support and encounragement, first you start this chain . Believe me you will get it back. Maybe not from the same people but definately from some people.

I started blogging from the end of june. its my first experience.But check my stats and followers.

Because i want people to follow and visit my blogs. So, i daily go to “recommendation list” and follow some of them. I also daily try to like and visit blogs from my newsfeed as much as possible. So some of them follow me back.

A Piece of Advice


6 thoughts on “A piece of advice

  1. Well done! It’s so fabulous when you see the site growing and suddenly people are actually reading and commenting on our posts. You’re absolutely right though – it does take time, effort and dedication to ensure you are keeping in touch with existing followers as much as possible whilst also spreading the net to meet new bloggers as well. Great advice!x

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