Pikachu ran away

Last night , i slept googling about pokemon go game. Sunddenly, i woke up having a nightmare that i am trying to catch pokemon but he turned around and started running away into a dark hole. He had become a giant pikachu and was intending to catch me in parallel world. I was afraid but crazy too about anyhow catching him. I wanted to go before him but my husband started calling my name in dream. I woke up and realize he was calling my name in real so i could feed my baby.



17 thoughts on “Pikachu ran away

  1. This is why I can’t watch movies or surf too much internet right before bed. If I do, it’s all up in my dreams! Haven’t had any PokemonGo dreams yet.

    My son, who is now 21, dressed up as Pikachu for Halloween (October 31st dress-up day for kids in the US) for I think 5 years in a row. He only changed to something else because he couldn’t fit into his costume any more and we couldn’t find a new one.

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